10 Shaving Tips for Men

You probably already have some experience with shaving. Yet, I am sure that you will get an eye-opener with these shaving tips. Perhaps, towards one thing you’ve been doing wrong. The main goal is to shave without aftershave irritation. Oh yes, it is possible.

1. Give your skin time to adjust.

When you’ve just woken up, your face is all swollen and puffy. Needless to say attempting to shave right then will create cuts. So, don’t grab your shaving razor immediately you wake up. Let your skin deflate back to normal, or at least become less puffy.

2. Take a warm bath.

Taking a warm bath will help soften up the hairs and get them ready for shaving. Don’t use hot water so you don’t leave the skin too dry. Dry skin is more prone to cuts. 

3. Wash your face.

Perhaps you’re not ready to take your bath or you want to shave in the evening and you don’t plan on taking your bath, then just wash your face. Wash with warm, not hot, water – to prepare your skin for shaving. 

4. Give your face shave-free days

Give your skin some breathing days. Shaving everyday can stress out your skin. Take at least one day per week off from shaving.

5. Use brush to lather 

When you lather your face with the shaving cream, use a brush. This helps exfoliate the skin and get it ready for shaving. Besides, using a brush to lather makes lathering easier. 

6. Apply gel correctly.

It is important that you do not miss any spot when you apply gel on your face. Use your fingertips to apply the gel, then rub in circles. If you rub in circles, you are less likely to miss a spot. 

7. Make it short, and slow.

It is not a good idea to rush-shave. You will cut yourself. So, take your time in the bathroom. And take short strides with each shave. 2cm at best. Anything longer than that may mean a cut. 

8. Go easy on the press.

Modern razors are made in such a way that you don’t have to hard-press them against the skin before you can get a clean shave. Let the razor glide naturally against your skin; don’t push. 

9. Follow the direction of hair growth.

Shave in the direction in which the hairs grow. Shaving in the opposite direction can cause irritation or, worse still, follicle damage. 

10. Shave lips last.

Experts say the hair on top of the lip is usually the hardest to shave. So, save those for last. This gives the hair ample time to soften up by the time you are done with the other parts.
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