6 Baby’s Skin Care Tips You Should Know About 

We all love the feel of babies’ smooth skin against our fingers. But, we also know the things we often have to deal with. For instance, there’s baby diaper rash, eczema, baby acne and a dozen other skin irritations. Due to babies’ skin’s sensitivity and permeability, practically anything is capable of causing irritation. 

We've complied a list of tips on how to care for your baby's skin and also we recommend this awesome collection of products for your babies.

Watchout for Skin Irritations

There is no doubt about it, your baby’s skin will face some tough times. To make it much easier on you and your child, you have to be vigilant. Watch out for new irritations and attack them head on. It is much easier to treat skin irritations when they are still very much fresh and new. The longer they stay, the more stubborn they get. So, deal with the problem before it becomes a problem. 

Avoid Diaper Rash 

Diaper rash is characterized by redness around the diaper area. It can be caused when you suddenly change the type of diaper your baby wears, diapers are too tight, you leave on a wet diaper for too long, some brands of detergent or baby wipes. To avoid diaper rash, let your baby’s diaper area get as much fresh air as possible and change the diaper as soon as it is wet. To get rid of diaper rash, clean with warm cloth and rub some zinc oxide cream on it. 

Dealing with Eczema

Eczema is mostly a genetic condition and is more common to children who have a family history of such. It can appear on the face, elbows, chest, arms, or behind the knees. To avoid it, use soaps and detergents that are gentle on baby skin, and don’t apply only the needed amount of moisturizer. If it becomes severe, see a pediatrician.  

Cradle Cap 

Cradle cap is either caused by too much oil or something else. It usually shows in the first or second month and clears up within baby’s first year. It is scaly, waxy, and red in appearance and shows on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelids, behind the ears, or on the sides of the nose. Taking care of it can involve the use of pediatrician-prescribed shampoo, baby oil, creams, and lotions. 

No Powdering Needed 

It is very easy for your baby to inhale the ingredients powders are made of. This could lean the onset of lung problems. The best thing is to avoid them completely. 

Avoid Changing Soaps and Cream 

As with diapers, babies’ skin is sensitive to sudden soap change. First of all, you should not use the same soap you use for your baby; it will definitely cause skin problems. Choose soaps and creams that are gently on your baby’s skin and, as much as possible, stick to them. To determine the best soaps, see your pediatrician. 

The best way to care for your baby’s skin is by using products that are specifically made for babies’ skin – like our Dove Bathing Bar Sensitive Moisture, Makari Bebe Soap, Nycil Baby Soap, Johnson’s Baby Bath Bar Soap, Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar. They put into consideration the sensitivity of babies’ skin and use ingredients that wouldn’t cause them harm. 

we recommend this awesome collection of products for your babies

Article credit : Cocci Beauty

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