6 Signs of Protein Deficiency You Should Watch Out For

Do you wonder why nutritionists hammer on the need to include a lot of protein in one’s diet for sound health? Well, maybe it’s because our hair, nails, your eyes, and even skin is made up of protein. If you remember the six classes of food your teacher taught you in elementary school, then you remember how protein is referred to as a body-building food. That literally means if you want your body to stay in shape, you must load up on lots and lots of protein.
Now, that is not to say you should neglect other nutrients too. But for this article, we’re putting the spotlight on protein. Now, if you see these 5 things I’m about to list, it could mean you aren’t taking as much protein as you should.

1 Abnormal Hair Loss!

I say abnormal because hair loss is normal. Everyone loses hair everyday. Out of the 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair on your head, 100 falls out each day. It is perfectly normal and is actually a sign that your hair is growing. Because as those strands fall out, new ones take their place. But when too many strands fall out and none grow in their place, your hair starts to thin. That is a message from your body that you are lacking in protein.

2. You Keep Reaching For Junks!

When you eat protein, especially for breakfast, you are left feeling full for a longer period. If you find yourself constantly hungry and reaching for snacks, it probably means you aren’t eating enough protein. When there’s too much carbs and sugar and not enough protein, theirs is a sudden spike and fall in the blood sugar levels. And that’s why you’re so hungry all the time.

3. You’re Unable to Think Clearly!

Poor concentration and lack of motivation are red flags of protein deficiency. Fluctuating levels of your blood sugar levels are affecting your brain. That’s when you see yourself unable to process information. To avoid brain fog, eat protein!

4. Can’t Sleep!

This is somewhat linked to the brain’s health. If your brain is unhealthy, it becomes unstable. And it is unable to perform its functions. One of those functions is balancing the hormonal levels. Fluctuating hormonal levels result in poor sleep or total lack of it, depending on how bad it is.

5. You’re Lethargic!

If you often feel tired and out of energy to carry out simple tax, this is another indication of protein deficiency. Protein is needed for muscle growth and if it is lacking or insufficient, well, no muscle strength no energy.

6. Wounds Heal Much Too Slowly!

Your muscles' life depends on the availability of protein. Lack of it causes muscle loss and weakness. Then you see that you get bruised easily and the bruise takes longer time to heal.

Have I made you scared enough to fill your diet with protein? Awesome! My job here is done.
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Thanks for reading. 💃💃💃💃

Article credit : Cocci Beauty