7 Vitamins and Nutrients Your Fingernails Need For Optimum Health

It’s not much fun when you stare at your hands and what stare back at you are wrinkle-ridden hands and chapped nails. The first place you’ll see signs of aging is on the hands. As it happens, the hands and fingers experience more wear and tear than you expect. What you think is ‘not so bad’ might be worse than you think.
Clean, smooth, and healthy nails are not gotten magically; they are a result of good and sound health. Here are 7 vitamins and nutrients your fingers need for optimum health. 

1. Vitamin A 

Let’s start from the ones that don’t directly affect the nails. Vitamin A does not strengthen nails directly, but it helps transport iron through the blood. If there’s not enough vitamin A, there won’t be any to transport the iron your nails need to it. So, load up on those vitamin-A-rich foods like carrots, spinach, and liver. Strong blood equals strong nails. 

2. Vitamin B7

Often referred to as vitamin H, this vitamin is one of the most effective vitamins when it comes to strength. Vitamin B7 provides the nails with strength and makes them more attractive. Eat more foods rich in vitamin B7 and you can show-off your sparkling nails in public. 

3. Foliate 

Foliate is a naturally-occurring nutrient. It is not to be confused with folic acid. Folic acid is different from foliate in that it is a synthetic form of vitamin B9. Foliate provides your body with what it needs to purify your blood. Indirectly, the appearance of your nails is improved because of the much-cleaner and iron-rich blood it is getting. 

4. Iron 

We’ve been talking about iron before now; an indication that the nails obviously need it desperately. Iron is needed to transport oxygen to the nails. Without iron, the oxygen struggle to get to the nails. And that’s when we have spoon-shaped appearance of nails. Meat is a dense source of iron. 

5. Protein 

The list is incomplete without protein. Nails are made up of keratin, a type of protein. They need it to be strong, firm, and healthy. Deficiency in protein causes split and dull nails. Protein-rich foods include eggs, beans and legumes, dairy products, fish, and meat. Fill your meals with them and you bid chapped and split nails farewell. 

6. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the nutrients your nails cannot afford to be lacking in. Deficiency in vitamin C results in discoloration and disfiguring of nails. Load up on foods rich in vitamin C; good news is that they are not a hard to find. 

7. Selenium and Zinc

These are perhaps the most vital of nutrients for nails. They are needed to repair damaged tissues and prevent even more serious conditions. You can find them in fish, turkey, chicken, beans and legumes, and nuts.
It may take a while, but achieving strong and healthy nails is certainly possible. As you eat those densely-packed nutritious meals, you can also complement them with supplements such as the ones “Cocci Beauty” deals in. In fact, some of those nutrients (such as iron and foliate) are best gotten via supplements. 

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Article credit : Cocci Beauty