8 Causes of Dry Skin

If you suffer constant irritation arising from dry skin, it is because something is sapping your skin of its natural oils! The simple explanation we can give to dry skin is that it lacks moisture. It is dry because moisture is gone. But where did it go to? How did it disappear? Does it just go on its own or something made it go away? Something did. It may be something you did or something the environment did. Either way, dry skin doesn’t happen without a cause.
Here are some 10 popular culprits of a dry skin.

1. Harsh Soap

One of the easiest was to lose moisture in the skin is by washing off its natural oil. Harsh soaps are not gentle on skin. They may do the job of making it clean perfectly, but they always go the extra mile: they make it too clean. They clean off the oils with the dirt.

2. Over-bathing

Does this sound funny? Yeah, I guess it does. How can you over-bath, right? Some of us scrub our skin so much that we scrub away its protective layer unknowingly. Spend less time in the bathroom or you’ll cost your skin its natural oils. 

3. Perfumes and Sprays

Some perfumes, sprays, and even deodorants contain fragrance – an ingredient that can irritate the skin, especially dry skin. Next time you go to your favorite store to get your sprays, look out for the word ‘fragrance’. If you find it, take a U-turn. 

4. Cold Weather

With cold weather comes cold, dry air that rubs off on our skin and makes it dry. This one is pretty easy to tackle, though. Just make sure you have your moisturizer close by and use as often as the voice in your mind says to. 

5. It could be a Genetics Thing

Sometimes, your dry skin is not as a result of something you or anyone did; it could just be the way you were wired. You know, your genetic makeup. Mutations in genes that control the production of the protein that forms and hydrates the skin’s barriers can lead to majority of skin conditions such as dry skin. You need moisturizers more than the guy next door. You can get it “here”. 

6. Too Much Water 

Don’t squeeze your face; I’ll explain. By ‘too much water’, I am not talking about the water you drink. Can you really have too much of that? I’m talking about water on the skin. You know, when you carry out activities that require the use of water. Or you have the habit of always washing your hand and not moisturizing it after. 

7. Aging

Older people tend to have more dry-skin issues. The older we get, the lesser the oil our skin produces. Using moisturizers with petrolatum, ceramides, and humectants can help. You can get one right “here”. 

8. Medical Condition

Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis makes the skin more susceptible to dryness. It could also be as a result of diabetes, kidney failure, hypothyroidism, and other conditions. The best way to know for sure and get proper treatment is to see your doctor.
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