8 Wig Tips From the Wig Experts

Using a wig is not just about having something on your head to protect the hair on it; it goes beyond feeling lazy to go to the salon. The secret of achieving a nice, almost-natural look with a wig is by wearing it right. Here are 8 tips every wig lover and user should know 

1. Style Determines Type 

The type of wig you get will ultimately depend on how you intend to use it. If you’re looking for wig that will remain the way it is with little effort in maintenance, then synthetic wig is the one. But if you’re aiming for one that can be bended and manipulated into different styles, human hair is your thing.

2. Trimming and Styling May Need the Help of Your Stylist  

Just like you wouldn’t trim the hair on your head unless you are totally sure you won’t damage it, the same thing goes for your wig: don’t trim unless you know how to. If you don’t, give it to your stylist.

3. Use the Right Haircare Products

As you must already know, synthetic and human hair are different in a lot of ways. The products that will keep synthetic hair in shape is different from the one for human hair. Using the wrong product for the wrong wig will make it wear out fast.

4. Wash it

Wigs need washing, too. First of all, this is something you put on your head. If it is dirty, your hair and scalp's health are at risk. And, secondly, wigs need to be washed to keep them looking fresh and as good as new.

5. Keep it Natural

Go for a wig that blends with your natural hair so that it can match with your skin. Looking for a wig the same color as your hair may be a difficult one though. In that case, go for the one closest.

6. Use the Right Styling Products

Haircare products for dry hair can worsen the oiliness of oily hair; that’s because of the ingredients in them. So also, the ingredients in styling products for synthetic hair is not compatible with human hair. It is very important that you get the ones made especially for that particular wig type.

7. Have More Than One Option 

It is advisable to have more than one wig at hand. So that when one is due for washing or has been washed, you can easily grab the other one. You can even make it a mix of both synthetic and human hair. Or you can go for just one type, but more than one piece. Whichever appeals to you is good, as long as it is more than one.

8. Be You, Do You

You can always manipulate the wig to suit your taste and style. Go for what you want, and what suits you. But don’t be afraid to try new styles; you never know how perfectly they will fit.
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Article credit : Cocci Beauty