9 Popular Shaving Myths Debunked! 

I have heard all there is to hear about shaving. My ears are full. Literally. Until recently, I still held on to those myths. But, you know what they say, “knowledge is power”. If I hadn’t gone digging, I’d probably still be in the sea of confusing notions.

I am going to share 10 things people believe about shaving. Prepare to be surprised because I know some of these things are stuff you still believe, too. But, don’t beat yourself up: we learn every day.

All right, enough talk, let’s get to the business of the day. 

Myths and Facts About Shaving 

1. The more you shave, the faster and longer your hair grows. 

If we really understood how hair grows, we wouldn’t have believed this for one second! Hair growth is solely controlled by genes and hormones. It has nothing to do with how often we shave and whether or not we shave. When hair grows back after shaving, it appears rough and darker. But, it really isn’t. 

2. Dirty people don’t shave. 

People believe that those who don’t shave are unhygienic. But the fact is the hair on every part of your body is just like the one on your head. If you are clean, they will be too. Those hairs actually have functions they perform. So, your shaving or not shaving doesn’t measure your hygienic state. 

2. Disinfect Your Shaving Tools 

Use disinfectant to disinfect your razor or scissors. Don’t say they are new and so they don’t need disinfection. They do. 

3. New razors make more cut. 

This probably sounds logical, after all the razor is new and sharp. But, it’s not true. The duller the blade, the more pressure you have to apply when you shave. And cuts happen when you apply too much pressure! 

4. Replace your razor every week. 

The durability of your razor depends on how often you use it and how you maintain it. There is no one rule as to how often you change it. Change when you feel it is time to. If it is after a week, great. If it is after a month, it’s your choice. 

5. It is okay to share razor. 

It is not okay to share razor for the same reason doctors won’t use the same syringe for two patients. It is unsafe, and is an easy way to transmit infections and diseases. 

6. Shaving cream or gel is unnecessary. 

Shaving gel or cream helps to supply moisture to your skin as you shave. Moisture is needed to reduce the friction that causes injury. You can get your shaving gel “here” at “Cocci Beauty”. 

7. Real men leave their chest hairs. 

Again, whether you shave or not is your choice. Presence or absence of chest hairs doesn’t determine your realness. 

8. Shaving leaves skin dry. 

It all depends on how you shave. If you shave properly, you will even be shaving off dead and dry skin cells. So, shaving properly can help promote healthier skin. 

9. Shaving everyday puts the skin in danger. 

You can shave as often as you want, provided you do it correctly. Always exfoliate your skin and moisturize before, while, and after you shave. 

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Article credit : Cocci Beauty

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