9 Ways To Banish Oily Skin For Good 

If you’ve been struggling with an oily skin for so long, the hope of a reprieve seems far fetched. But, there is a reprieve. I’m telling you that it is absolutely possible to get rid of extra oiliness of skin, and it’ll be a long-lasting solution. All it takes is determination and commitment on your part.
Here are 10 ways to deal with and banish oily skin for good.


1. Always cleanse.  

Your skin is always greasy because of the dirt and oil that clog the pored. Always cleanse your skin with a cleanser to make your skin and pores dirt free. Look for cleansers with 2% salicylic acid (so your skin doesn’t become too dry in the process of getting rid of excess oil), benzoic peroxide, and that is oil-free. Cleanse at least once a day. 

2. Exfoliate at least once a week.

The dead skin cells on your skin won’t come off on their own. And, unfortunately, their presence there is a problem. Get rid of them by exfoliating either with an exfoliating gel or skin scrub. Do this at least once a week and you’ll see an improvement soon enough. And don’t be so rough about it. 

3. Use oil-free products.

Whatever skincare product you use, cleanser, exfoliator, or whatever, make sure the labels read “oil-free”. The last thing you need right now is more oil!  

4. Tone down the makeup.

This is completely up to you. Foundations have a way of clogging your pores, and this will cause your skin to produce more oil. So, instead of a foundation, go for a silicone-tinted moisturizer; it performs pretty much the same function. Again, your choice. 

5. Watch what you eat.  

Your diet can influence the rate at which those sebaceous glands secrete oil, too. Sugary foods, refined carbohydrates, spices, and the likes are typical examples of such foods. If you have to eat them, limit it to once a week. And go for foods rich in vitamin A; they reduce sebum production rate. 

6. Your skin needs moisturizer, too.  

We tend to think moisture means more oil, so we keep moisture off our skin. But the truth is that lack of moisture makes the skin produce more oil. Moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid help balance the levels of oil and water on the skin, keeping oil production at bay. You can get different varieties of them at “Cocci Beauty”. 

7. Use a toner. 

Toners are made with ingredients that fit perfectly with oily skin. They get rid of excess oil, keep the skin dry, and set the ground for a long-lasting makeup.

8. Watch where you cream.  

You have to apply some oil-free cream, no doubt. But avoid applying on areas (nose, forehead, and chin) that are especially filled with sebaceous glands. 

9. Keep blotting papers on hand. 

Dab at streaks of oil and perspiration on your face with blotting papers. Your skin is kept dry, and you don’t have that embarrassing oiliness. And then you can finally enjoy your day.
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Article credit : Cocci Beauty