There is a thin line between having dry, problematic skin and having glowing skin. The singular deciding factor on this line is your body lotion. Body lotions are applied to the skin with the intent to moisturize or treat the skin. Most body lotions also have other benefits like anti-aging, anti-oxidant benefits. 

Some benefits of a lotion include:
• Re-hydrate dry skin
• Softens the skin.
• Moisturizes the skin and lock in moisture
• Supports the skin barrier
• Brightens it lightens hyperpigmentation
• Combat wrinkles and age spots

When picking any skincare item, especially a lotion, you have to consider three things:
 • Skin type
 • Skin color
 • Skin condition/ issue.

Below are our top body lotions for a glowing skin.
Best exfoliating: Amlactin daily body lotion.
Best brightening: Palmer’s skin success fade lotion.
Best hydrating: Neutrogena hydro boost body gel
Best inexpensive: St Ives oatmeal and Shea butter lotion.
Best mild: Aveeno daily moisturizing body lotion
Best treatment( Body acne): Cerave SA lotion for rough and bumpy skin
Best treatment(Dry skin): Eucerin advanced repair lotion
Best treatment( Eczema): Cerave itch relief moisturizing lotion
Best treatment (Dark spots): Advanced clinical vitamin c lotion
Best lightening: Francoise Bedon supreme lightening lotion
Best Whitening: Lemon glow ultimate lightening beauty milk

Article credit : Cocci Beauty