Regular exercise and meditation- this leads to better health and positive hormones thus preventing many lifestyle diseases Regular meals keep weight under control and prevent onset of diabetes Adequate sleep of at least seven hours is very important as healing of daily wear and tear occurs during sleep Plenty of liquids to excrete toxins from body Lots of fruits and fresh vegetables as these have lots of antioxidants and vitamins for keeping body healthy.

High fibre diet prevents diabetes, constipation and colon cancer Weight control is very important for preventing diabetes, hypertension joint problems Anger control to prevent excretion of negative hormones.

Regular health check-ups after 35 years of age is must to detect various diseases at early stage and to take preventive measures Take regular breaks from work to maintain vigor and enthusiasm Pursue hobbies and learn new things keeps brain health and prevents Alzheimer’s disease Have sense of gratitude.

Take help of doctor in case of any doubt and write all your questions before meeting him. Google search may give to undue apprehensions Get your prostate checked after 55 years of age as prostate is the second commonest cancer in males Enjoy yourself and do something for yourself everyday.

Testicular self-examination should be done after adolescence and any abnormality should be shown to doctor Clean your penis after retracting skin everyday.


Smoking as this leads to various cancers, hypertension and erectile dysfunction Binge drinking can lead to liver and pancreatic damage, diabetes, hypertension and obesity Illegal Drugs are very hazardous to body and mind.

Self-medications can lead to liver and kidney damage and antibiotic resistance Sugar and cola drinks are the leading cause of obesity and diabetes Excessive tea and coffee leads to increase incidence of stone formation Oily food lead to obesity, hypercholestremia and cardiac problems Packed, wrapped and preserved foods.

Excess salt leads to high blood pressure and increases incidence of kidney stones Unprotected sex can ruin your life with various sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS Multiple sexual partners.

Negative thinking.

Discuss your myths about masturbation and night time ejaculations with your doctor Performance anxiety and unrealistic sexual expectations are the leading cause of erectile dysfunction.

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