Weight loss refers to reduction or decrease in weight resulting from voluntary or involuntary reasons. Voluntary reasons include diet, exercise, etc. Involuntary reasons include illness, etc.
Our focus today is on voluntary weight loss through exercise.

Exercising involves engaging in certain physical activities to improve health and fitness. Exercise is one way to shed extra weight. Different exercises can be used to target specific areas but if your goal is to shed general body weight, here are four beginner exercises you can incorporate into your day.


Walking can help you burn calories. If you add 30 minutes of brisk walking to your day, you burn about 150 calories or more a day. As a tip: the more you walk and the quicker the pace, the more calories you’ll burn. So, start walking! At least 19,000 steps a day is a great start.


Jogging/running will help you shed more weight than walking especially if you have limited time everyday for fitness. According to the American Council on Exercise, running burns the most calories than any type of exercise. Running might involve your legs primarily but it is whole body workout.


Cycling is one exercise that is effective for lower body fat. It helps build muscle and facilitate overall body weight loss.


Practicing Yoga may help build muscle tone and improve metabolism. Incorporating strength building moves that activates a lot of muscles in one pose is a great way to burn fat and build strength.


Swimming is another cardiovascular exercise that can help you lose weight. It strengthens the heart muscle as well. It is a full body workout and each stroke uses the muscles in different ways.

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Article credit : Cocci Beauty