Breakouts can happen to any and everyone. Even when you practice your routine religiously, there are days when you do come across a few bumps on your face. Breakouts are chiefly triggered by hormones and an overproduction of oils. But besides this, there are a few patterns and habits you indulge in daily that could be triggering your breakouts or worsening the ones you already have. As mentioned earlier, you can have the best skincare routine but if you’re constantly repeating bad skincare habits, then that defeats the whole purpose of a routine.

How can you identify these triggers? Well here are four common, and a little surprising acne triggers and how to remedy them.


Surprised? Well don’t be!
With the advent of coronavirus, one popular protective measure is nose masks. The downside is , your nose mask can absorb dirt, sweat and germs. This mostly happens with your cloths masks. This is the perfect breeding ground for acne. Dumb your cloth mask for breathable fabric, or you wash your cloth mask after each use. Even your breathable face mask should be changed regularly. You don’t want to reintroduce all that old oil and bacteria back into your skin. Another remedy is to wash your face twice daily with a hydrating cleanser, exfoliate and hydrate your face as much as possible.


By washing, we mean washing everything that comes in contact with your face. Your hands, your clothes, your towel, your sheets, your pillowcases… everything!
They all carry dead skin cells, dirts and oils. All of this will get reintroduced to your skin as long as these items come in contact with your face. The remedy is simple, wash your hands often and keep them away from your face. Let only clean clothes come in contact with your face. And finally. Change your sheet and pillowcases weekly! It’s for your own good.


Another shocking one. Your phones come in contact with your hands and many other surfaces. At the end of the day, you place the same phone on your face to make calls. By doing this, you’re transferring bacteria and oils to your face. The remedy? Try to clean your phone surface often with rubbing alcohol and limit how often your phone comes in contact with your phone.


One major cause of breakouts is clogged pores. Most people mean well when they wipe makeup off with wipes but that ought to stop. Face wipes cannot get into your pores, they only push the makeup in further. The remedy is to double cleanse whenever you apply makeup. You can do this by rubbing makeup off with a cleansing oil first before using a gentle hydrating cleanser to wash your face. Another option is to wipe makeup off with micellar water first before cleansing with your cleanser. Double cleansing should only be done if you applied makeup during the day. As a side tip, reduce your makeup application. It’ll solve many of your skin concerns.

Article credit : Cocci Beauty