Makeup is used almost every day, even if it's just a lip-gloss-and-go kinda day.
The use of make up dates far back as the 3100- 2900 BC from the first dynasty of Egypt. Pretty old right?
It has gone through years of refinement and polishing to give what we now know today. The next time you pick up a makeup item, you might want to pause and think about these interesting facts in make-up’s long history.

1. Before the invention of blush, women used to pinch their cheeks to give it a flushed look . Painful right? Well that is beauty for you.

2. During the Elizabethan era coal tar used as mascara, eyebrow pencil, and eyeliner. It was flammable and caused blindness. Beauty truly is pain!

3. Makeup has always been for all genders. For instance ancient Romans used to paint their heads to conceal balding. During the French Revolution era, men would even powder their faces as a show off status.

4. Before the advent of mascara ladies in the 20th century will dip a small brush into hot water and rub the bristles on soap and pigments before using it on their lashes. The excess would be rubbed off on a piece of cloth first.

5. Ancient Mesopotamian women used to crush semi precious stones and use them to decorate their lips. Talk about luxury living!

6. In the 15th century, pale skin was in vogue. Women did everything from cutting their veins to letting leeches draw blood from them all in a bid to have porcelain complexion.

7. The founder of Maybelline, Tom Lyle Williams named his brand after his sister Mabel, who used to make a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to make her lashes look thicker.

8. Wearing expensive makeup used to be against the law. “Lex Oppis” was a law established in Roman times to restrict a woman's display of wealth which included amongst many things applying expensive makeup or using expensive perfumes.

10. In Victorian times, ladies did not wear makeup . This was because ladies who used makeup were of questionable morals hence only stage actresses or prostitutes used to wear makeup.

11. Ever wondered why the Mona Lisa has no eyebrows? Well it was fashionable in the 1400s for a woman to have no facial hair so women shaved off their eyebrows completely and their foreheads as well. Fast forward to the 21st century and we’re all shaving off our eyebrows. Well not all of it but still, comedic right?

What other interesting facts about makeup do you know and have they shaped your perception of makeup?

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Article credit : Cocci Beauty