We have officially entered into the yuletide season and we can literally hear the jingle bells ringing. Nothing brings more panic at the sound of jingle bells than not having secured gifts for family members and loved one. Christmas and new year are generally marked by celebration and exchanging of gifts. But what is the perfect gift to give? When it comes to gifting, there is no perfect gift, it’s the thought that counts.
Below are a few practical and thoughtful gifts to get for your loved ones this Christmas.


Hamper packs and baskets have always been a go-to when it comes to gifting for as long as anyone can remember. Why? You can never go wrong with a hamper basket. It can be specially curated to meet the recipient’s taste or you can mix different useful items and it’ll still be appreciated. To make things easier, you can casually find out the person’s preferences and curate the hamper to their taste.


The oldest gift in the handbook and it never disappoints. When picking a fragrance just let your knowledge of the recipient and their personality guide you. Whenever the receiver uses it, they’ll be reminded of you and that’s a plus.


Tickets could be to the movies, to a spa day, to their favorite artist’s concert or any other place that requires a ticket. You can tag along or let the person go on their own. The experience would definitely be worth anything else you thought of buying.


This might be small and inexpensive but giving someone a place to collect their thoughts in writing is always a good gesture. You can get a customized jotter, diary or journal for your loved one.


If you have loved ones who love to read, find out some books they’ve been meaning to get and buy them. You really can never go wrong with books especially if we’re talking about an avid reader.


Shopping vouchers give the recipients free will to pick what they actually want. If you don’t want to stress over what to buy, get them a voucher from a shop they love.


We just had to add this to the list. Gifting loved ones money is also an option that you can explore.

Article credit : Cocci Beauty