Hair Breakage: Causes and Cure

air breakage is something every hair, no matter the type faces. And, sometimes, the problem proves so difficult to fix that it gets frustrating. But we all know that to get that lush and gorgeous hair we want, the breaking has to stop. What do we do, then? Perhaps understanding the causes of hair breakage will help us take caution. Who knows, maybe the little and seemingly insignificant things we do are actually the culprits.

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Causes of Hair Breakage 

There is a long list of the things that cause hair breakage. Here are some of them:
Dryness. Your hair becomes dry when it loses moisture. Dry hair precedes breakage. Many things can cause your hair to go dry including weather, or too much heat.
Heat. We know we cannot do without curling irons and hair dryers. But, using these things too much actually damages the hair cuticle and causes your hair to break.
Too much washing. We need to wash our hair as often as possible. While it may be okay to wash hair once a day at the most for oily hair, we may have to wait a whole week before we can wash our dry hair.
Overprocessing. Perming, industrial conditioning, and relaxers make our hair beautiful no doubt. But, too much of these sooner or later damage the cuticle and cause hair breakage.
Not trimming. You’re probably thinking: “are you for real? You want me to cut my hair when I’m looking for it to grow longer?” I understand you. But, not trimming your hair not only stalls your hair growth, it also breaks your hair.
Eating Disorder. Hair damage is one of the symptoms of hair damage.
And the list goes on and on. Enough about the causes, let’s talk about how we can stop our hair from breaking. 

Curing Hair Breakage 

1. If you have oily hair, wash your hair once a day. For dry hair, wash weekly. Remember to be gentle while you wash. Our ORS Sulfate-free hydrating shampoo will wash your hair and scalp clean and then retain some moisture.

2. Be sure to let your hair dry. That means you are getting out the water you used in washing out of your hair. Use moisturizing conditioners like our Garnier Whole Blends Conditioner with coconut oil and cocoa butter extracts to ensure it is not dry to the point of breaking.

3. When drying, use T-shirts instead of towels. The rough edges on towels don’t help your hair.

4. Detangle your hair gently and patiently. We especially love the way our As I am Coconut Co wash Cleansing Conditioner makes detangling easy.

5. Use conditioners. You can make use of leave-in conditioners like our Renew Temple Defense Leave In Conditioner or deep conditioners like our Garnier Whole Blends Conditioner with coconut oil and cocoa butter extracts.

6. Don’t brush your hair too much.

7. Do less damaging hairstyles.

8. Eat well, and eat balanced.

9. Avoid using tight hats and scarves; they have a way of pulling at the roots of your hair. 10. Your hair breaks as a result.
11. It is okay to use weavons and extensions, but let them be light against the scalp. 

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Article credit : Cocci Beauty

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