Health Benefits of Essential Oils + Side Effects

Essential oils have proven themselves lifesavers in many ways, some of which we will mention in a bit. They carry the real essence of the plants from which they are gotten. As a result, they mete out the original benefits of those plants and, if used excessively, their side effects.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are plant-extracted and highly concentrated liquids that are easily absorbed into the skin. “Women’s Health” says “they are quickly absorbed by sense receptors and are linked to the limbic system which controls breathing, stress, heart rate, and blood pressure.” While they may work for similar benefits and purposes, essential oils are essentially different. No two oils are the same.

Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Here are some benefits linked with the usage or essential oils.

1. Relieves Stress

Most essential oils are great for aromatherapy. Massaging essential oils into certain parts of the skin can help relieve tension and stress in that area.

2. Calms Anxiety

Essential oils such as lavender oil has been proven to help calm anxiety. Using it for said purpose is just like having a massage. And we all know how absolutely satisfying that can be, especially when it is done right.

3. Helps with Insomnia

Some essential oils, lavender oil for instance, is known to help people who have difficulty sleeping to have a good night rest. And when they wake up, they feel great!

4. Relieves Pain

Some studies have been conducted on some essential oils such as lavender and peppermint oils. And they’ve found that massaging them into the skin relieves headache. In fact, it was concluded that there wasn’t any significant difference between someone who used the oils and someone who took Tylenol.

5. Reduces Inflammation

Some of those oils come from plants that have anti-inflammatory properties. And, the oils carry the essence of the plants they are extracted from. One such oil is lavender. Massaging the right way helps relieve inflammation.

6. Helps Manage Stomach Issues

Essential oils such as lemon oil is linked with nausea relief. It also helps control vomiting. This is especially good for pregnant women who have to combat nausea and vomiting.

7. Energy Boost

Some essential oils work better and faster than energy drinks. One round of inhaling peppermint oil helps boost energy and fuel motivation.

Side Effects

Essential oils are deeply concentrated and as such should be taken under supervision. It is advised that essential oils should not be used for aromatherapy without a physician’s guidance. Some side effects of essential oils, if used the wrong way, includes:

• Essential oils from citrus plants can make the skin more liable to sunburn.
• Some, like eucalyptus, are toxic to the nervous system and the liver and should be used minimally, especially when used for infants.
• Some cause the uterus to contract.
• Caution is needed for people with allergies and respiratory problems.

Generally, however, essential oils are great. If they are used right, there’ll be no problem.

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Article credit : Cocci Beauty