How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? 

Some of us have probably heard it all when it comes to washing the hair. While growing up, our mothers tell us or literally have to pursue us to go and wash our hair because, you know, not washing your hair often is bad for it. Growing up, we hear something different. We hear that washing it too often is bad for it. Now, we’re confused. Which one should we take serious? Perhaps understanding the purpose of shampooing better will help our decision. 

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The Mystery behind Shampooing 

What exactly does shampoo do to our hair? Why do we need to shampoo? Well, while shampoo helps rid your hair of the dirt clogged in it, it also rids it of its natural oil. The natural oil, called sebum, which the hair secretes is trapped along with the dirt and is rinsed out with the dirt. Usually, this is okay. But what happens when your hair is rid of all its natural oil keeping it healthy and lush? Research has it that some dirt in the hair is actually okay and natural. 

When Shampooing becomes too much 

You now know what happens when you shampoo your hair. You’re probably scared now because, well, you want your hair to retain its moisture. You don’t have to be. Shampooing poses problems only when it is done too much. So, how often should you wash your hair and when does it become too much? Studies carried out on this subject conclude that there is no law regarding that. It all depends on hair type and texture. For instance, someone with extra oily hair may need to wash their hair more often than someone with dry hair. For majority, leaving the hair without shampoo for a long time would still be okay. 

Who Should Wash Often and Who Shouldn’t? 

If you have thick and curly hair, your hair is probably on the dry side. The rule is that: the thicker your hair is, the less oily it is. And, the less oily it is, the less you need to shampoo. Shampooing too often can cause your hair to lose more moisture than it can afford, and this could lead to hair damage. More oily hair can wash more often. Generally, however, there is no rule. If your hair is visibly dirty and itchy, that might be a signal that it is time to shampoo. Sometimes, it may just be that gutsy feeling that it has been a long time since you shampooed. 

How About When Hair is styled? 

Make use of leave-in conditioners if you need to style. Check out our store for shampoos and conditioners that both remove dirt from your hair and leave it moisturized.When your hair is styled, washing your hair as often as you would may not be possible. Especially if it is a hairstyle you don’t intend to loosen so early. It all depends on how your hair is styled. If you style with heat tools, you may need to make sure the hair is clean before styling. This will keep it clean and healthy. Just go with your guts and personal choice. 

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Article credit : Cocci Beauty

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