Kids and teens is a lotion formulated for kids that has taken center stage in recent times. Kids and Teens is a rich Moisturizing body milk specially formulated for kids and teenagers at their most active stage to combat excessive dryness, flakiness and rough skin leaving their skin beautifully rejuvenated.It gently and mildly tones your kids complexion for more glowing and radiant beautiful skin tone. Kids and Teens Lotion is a rich moisturizing body milk cream designed for children and teenagers to combat excessive dryness, flakiness, and also rough skin to leave their skin feeling rejuvenated.

It brightens, nourishes and also revitalizes your child’s complexion by gently and slightly toning his or her skin tone.
This cream promotes healthy new skin cells for developing kids, teens, and the entire family. It is gentle on their skin, nourishing and gets rid of dirts, impurities, excess oil and contaminants. It also renews, refreshes and reveals a healthier, brighter and radiant skin complexion. It is a very hydrating essence that leaves skin feeling soft, so pleasant, and silky smooth after application.

Kids and teens lotion soothes and moisturizes skin while helping to heal diaper rash. It relieves itching caused by dry skin, cradle cap, flaky and eczema. It locks in moisture and heals the skin.

Some of it benefits include:
• It contains SPF 15 to protect your babies skin on a sunny day.
• It is mild, pure and gentle to the skin.
• It gives an irresistible natural glow by mildly toning your child’s complexion
• It is fortified with multivitamins to replenish skin moisture for a subtle, fresh, ,healthier looking skin.
• It moisturize and nourishes the skin without leaving a greasy feel or making kids sweat .
• It fades away dark sports caused by insect bite and repairs damage skin.
• It contains milk extracts and active ingredients that effectively conquers stubborn rashes, ,eczema, ,dry skin and other skin condition in kids.
• It doesn’t contain harmful chemical
• It has a lovely fragrance that will make bath time memorable and enjoyable for your kids.
• It is good for irritation prone skin
• It has been tested safe for kids use.

This lotion also has some amazing ingredients like:
• Glycerin
• Shea butter
• Coconut oil
• SPF 15
• Vitamins

Article credit : Cocci Beauty