Keeping Your Child’s Hair Healthy 

While you take measures to take care of your hair, you don’t want to neglect your little one’s hair. Children’s hair is even more delicate, and requires much more cautious care. We cannot treat our little one’s hair the way we treat ours. The best thing is to keep their hair as natural as possible. In that case, everything you use in taking care of your child’s hair, from the shampoo you use in washing it to the comb you use in brushing it, is carefully selected.
Below are some measures you can take to make sure your baby’s hair isn’t cut short before it has started living.

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1. Your choice of hair product is of utmost importance.
From the shampoo, to the hair cream, you have to be extra choosy. By ‘choosy’, I mean you should not jump at the first product you see. Choose kid-friendly products. For their shampoo, for example, opt for neutral PH shampoo. They clean effectively without drying and without leaving shampoo residue on their scalp. They are particularly safe because they contain neither soap nor alcohol. Our Cantu For Kids (Shampoo, Leave In Conditioner, and Conditioner) is kid-friendly and gentle on the scalp and hair.

2. Wash with cold water.
Using hot water to wash adult hair is bad enough; we should not try it with children’s hair. It is not only rough on their hair, it also damages their scalp. Lukewarm water is good too, if your child does not like cold water. For strong and rebellious hair, use warm water with leave-in conditioner like our Cantu For Kids (Shampoo, Leave In Conditioner, and Conditioner).

3. Use moisturizing hair conditioner.
First of all, be sure you got a kid-friendly hair conditioner; one that is perfect for your child’s hair. Conditioners are perfect if your child’s hair is curly; use them instead of shampoo. Try out Mazuri Kids Organic Detangling Leave In Conditioner.

4. Don’t dry with a towel.
Towels are good, but the rough surface is too rough for your child’s delicate hair. Use T-shirts instead.

5. No hairdryers.
Hairdryers are awfully too hot for your child’s delicate hair and tender scalp. Dry with clean old t-shirts.

6. Gently untangle the hair.
Like adult hair, children’s hair gets tangled. Be sure to untangle the hair, and be gentle about it. It is even preferable you do that while still in the shower. To help with your baby’s always-tangling hair, try out our Cantu Care for Kids Conditioning Detangler.

7. Brush it every day.
Leaving your child’s hair untidy can cause split ends which can cause breakage. To avoid this, brush her hair every day. Brush gently.

8. Trim as frequently as possible.
You may think trimming your child’s hair can damage it, but it won’t. Trimming it will even the edges and get rid of split ends.

9. Don’t use perfumed hair product.
Avoid using hair products that contain alcohol or other scented products that may be harmful when inhaled.

10. Watch her diet.
What your child eats will affect the growth and health of her hair. The more balanced her diet is, the healthier it grows.

11. Don’t leave it unmade.
Don’t leave your child’s hair at the mercy of weather elements that can do numerous harmful things to it. Make it as often as possible.

12. Don’t make it too tight.
Your child’s hair is soft and her scalp is tender; whatever hairstyle you make for her should not be tight at all.
We recommend any of these awesome products to help keep an healthy hair

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Article credit : Cocci Beauty

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