Conversations surrounding lubricant and the use of lubricant during sex are still seen as taboo topics. Basically a lubricant is a substance that can help reduce friction between surfaces in mutual contact. During sex, a layman would say lubricant helps overcome vaginal dryness to enhance pleasure. Beyond talking about the who, what, when, where and how that surrounds love making, we should embrace conversations about its mechanics. When the woman is aroused, she is expected to be wet, this wetness is the natural lubricant produced by the body. Arousal and wetness can be affected by several factors like:

- Menstrual cycle
- Age
- Stress levels
- Medications

Lubricants can provide the necessary assistance in situations where the body doesn’t provide enough wetness. There are three main types of lubricant and they are


This type of lube is either synthetic or natural. Coconut oil and olive oil for example are natural oil based lubes while Vaseline or mineral oil are synthetic. oil based lubes are not very safe for the vagina because they are hard to clear out of the body. This could lead to an infection. Also, oil based lubes can break latex condoms and cause unwanted pregnancy.


Water based lubricants are actually the popular choice because it is ideal for sensitive skin and less likely to cause vaginal irritation. The only downside is water based lubes dry out quickly and would need constant reapplication.


Silicone base lube stays longer than water based loop and it can stay sleek longer, giving love making a lasting smooth feel. Silicone based lubes are also hypoallergenic so that removes the risk of irritation.
The next time you go to pick up a lube, you should also keep an eye out for good ingredients and ingredients you should avoid. Here are four bad ingredients:

- Glycerin
- Petro-chemicals like propylene glycol, petroleum and polyethylene glycol
- Preservative like benzyl alcohol, citric acid and parabens.

On the other hand, here are some good ones.
- Water (Aqua, preferred water, the ironized water)
- Dimethicone or vinyl dimethicone

Article credit : Cocci Beauty