Raising children right also involves making sure that they eat healthy. Healthy food for underage children includes a wide variety of fresh foods from food groups such as:
• Vegetables
• Grain foods
• Reduced fat dairy
• Protein

Each food group has vital nutrients that your child needs for optimal growth and development. Making sure your children eat healthy also involves keeping certain food items away from them. Unbelievably, some food items we consider healthy and good can cause harm to underage kids. Here are a few of them:


As surprising as it is, honey is bad for toddlers younger than one. Most parents use honey due to its natural sweetness. A toxic bacteria found in honey can cause infant botulism. It affects the immune systems of underdeveloped kids and can cause muscle weakness and breathing problems. If you must, use mashed fruit as a source of natural sweetness for ids below the age of one.


Chewing gum is a big no for children. The high amount of sugar in most gums can cause tooth decay and cavities in children. Some sugar free gums contain sorbitol, which can cause diarrhea. The worst part is gum presents a choking hazard for kids. Swallowing large pieces can cause a block in the digestive system. Consider replacing gum with healthy chewable vegetable like carrots.


Whether it is a fruits snack or a regular gummy. Gummies are harmful nonetheless. Feeding them to kids is like feeding them raw sugar. There is nothing healthy about that. Instead, encourage kids to consume real fruits or offer them unsweetened dry fruits.


Raw milk is often paraded as highly nutritious and healthier than pasteurized milk. This is a big lie. Raw milk carries harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites like campylobacter, salmonella and E. coli amongst others.


Citrus fruits and juices are high in vitamin c and acid, this can cause stomach upset and/or acid reflux in your baby. Avoid feeding fruits and juices containing citrus to babies for the first couple of months.


Feeding your children soft food items like jelly, marshmallows and other soft food is not advisable as these foods can easily lodge in a baby’s throat.

Article credit : Cocci Beauty