The Pros and Cons of Synthetic Hair Extensions

Demand for hair extensions is growing, and that constantly. For this reason, the hair extensions industry has had to make groundbreaking decisions to make sure they are available at every turn. Synthetic hair extensions are man-made. They are made from fibers and structured to look as similar to natural human hair as possible.

Since synthetic hair extensions are man-made, it is more readily available compared to others, especially human hair. And because they are man-made, different styles and colors are available for purchase.

But, you don’t know if synthetic hair extensions are your thing, right? You’re about to make a decision and you’re not sure which is which. Perhaps this will help. I’ll show you the pros and cons of synthetic hair extensions, then you can go ahead and decide if you want it or not.

The Pros

• First of all, synthetic hair extensions are cheap and affordable especially when compared with human hair. In fact, they are so cheap that you could buy a whole pack and keep. Human hair extensions are more expensive owing to where they are gotten from and how they are gotten. And they last longer. Synthetic hair extensions are good for a quick fix.

• Synthetic hair extensions stay the way they came. I mean the style doesn’t get rumpled and it doesn’t lose its form. Even when you wash, all you have to do is shake it out, let it dry, and keep using. It doesn’t matter that the wind is seriously blowing, the style stays. And it doesn’t need much ceremony to fix.

• If you happen to be someone who doesn’t really fancy styling, synthetic wig is your thing. It doesn’t require styling. Wearing and removing doesn’t take long at all. It comes in handy when you have to be at a ceremony and you don’t have the time or you don’t feel like making your hair.

The Cons

• There’s only so much resemblance with human hair. Although it looks and even feels like human hair, it is not human hair. It is much glossier and not as soft.

• Unlike human hair extension, synthetic hair cannot withstand heat. It is easily damaged. Just one contact with heat and the synthetic fibers melt, the strands loose and tangle, and all that’s left is a figure of what used to be.

• It doesn’t last. Even with the most care, the most quality synthetic hair extension can only last a few weeks.

• A synthetic wig cannot be restyled. If you want different styles, you will have to purchase different synthetic wigs with different styles.

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