More and more people are starting to realize that “skincare” is not limited to facial care alone. Below your neck exists miles of skin that requires the same attention you pay to your face. Caring for your body goes beyond using any bar soap you find or any lotion you lay your hands on. Keep reading to learn practical tips for a basic body skincare routine.


While we’re very careful about what we apply on our faces, we don’t notice all the harmful ingredients in our body wash and bar soaps like perfumes, dyes and parabens. This is your cue to toss out that harmful body cleanser and opt for a better one. Look for a gentle body wash with moisturizing ingredient like shea butter, ceramides, etc.


Exfoliating with scrubs can be a tricky situation. Thankfully, the skin on your body is better suited for physical exfoliation. The skin on your body is tougher than your face so that takes away the fear of irritation. You can use a body scrub for three times a week with focus on your elbows, knees and heels as these areas are likely to have rough patches that need extra exfoliation. Alternatively, you can use chemical exfoliatiors like Alpha hydroxy acids(AHAs) or Beta hydroxy acids(BHAs). These acids exfoliate your skin, plus they’re better at cleaning out excess sebum and dirt from the pores and boosting skin cell turnover.


When it comes to razor shave, anything can go wrong so doing it haphazardly isn’t an option. How can you make razor shave better? By simply prepping your skin before and caring for it after the shave. How?

• Exfoliate the area, this will help bring the hairs completely out of the follicle.
• Hydrate and soften the area with water and a shaving cream/gel.
• Shave in the direction of your hair growth.
• Moisturize your skin immediately after.
• Exfoliate again a few days after to get rid of dead skin cells and free ingrown hairs.


Moisturizing right after you shower helps trap some of the water in your skin. Opt for lotions and creams with proven moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acids and ceramides to help seal in hydration.


If you have issues like hyperpigmentation, body acne, etc, you can use products that treats  like vitamin c serums. Don’t forget that your entire routine is incomplete without your sunscreen so have a good one handy.

Article credit : Cocci Beauty