The heartbreak of seeing your favorite makeup products go bad before your eyes, is pretty traumatic, and that is an understatement. Even if they’re drug store products, the money spent still adds up quickly. This is why knowing how to extend the life of your makeup products is very important. It is also convenient and cost effective. You can enjoy more of your makeup products by following this few hacks .


Makeup brushes, sponges and other types of applicators can harbor a lot of bacteria, oil, and dust that may degrade your makeup. Clean your makeup with soapy water every month (if you use them alone) and wash applicators (sponges) after every use if you can. If the makeup applicators are used on clients, then try to wash them weekly but clean them with brush cleansers after every use.


A common thing most people do is to pump the mascara wand into the bottle to get more out of it. This can dry out your mascara and cause bacteria to grow in the tube. Making an effort to not pump your mascara will extend its shelf life.
Also, if your mascara is drying up or running out, secure the cap tightly, then put your mascara in a cup of hot water for two to three minute. The hot water will soften the dried mascara in the bottle, making it almost as good as new.


Storing makeup in the bathroom is wrong as showering and hot water can make them too warm. The heat, humidity and high level of airborne bacteria can cause the growth of yeast, mold and contamination for your products. Instead keep cosmetics in a cool dry place like a closet in your room. Products like nail polish, lipstick and perfume would even benefit from being stored in the fridge. Also,
Do not just toss your makeup in your bag and go. Products can break and crumble easily when they are sitting at the bottom of the bag. Place them in a smaller makeup bag first before placing them in your bag.


We understand that sometimes you’re in a hurry to leave the house but make sure you put the lids of your products tightly. When exposed to air, makeup can dry out, get hard, melt or just look messy.


Sometimes, powder makeup develops a hard film on it. Did you know gently pressing tape against the top can get rid of it?

Did you also know you can use alcohol to fix crushed powder?
Well spray or mix a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the powder ,then press down with a spoon. Let it sit and you have the perfect powder again.

Little hacks like this are scattered all over the internet and can help preserve your products or make them as good as new.

Article credit : Cocci Beauty