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1) SATIN SKINZ BBEAU L-GLUTATHIONE: is the only health food produced 100% from PURE MASTER L-GLUTATHIONE sourced without the addition of other foreign ingredients. The main benefit of this product is to give the skin a white glow while keeping the health of the consumer. The combination of taking SATIN SKINZ BBEAU VITAMIN C product will give you maximum result.

2) SATIN SKINZ BBEAU VITAMIN C PLUS: is a high-quality Vitamin C health food that can provide 1001 nutritional benefits to skin health and beauty. The combination of Vitamin E and Vitamin C in this product can reduce the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. In addition, this product can treat acne, acne and slow aging process.


Did you know that scientific studies have proven that the combination 1200mg of:

  1. Pure L-Glutathione (500mg)
  2. Vitamin C (300mg)
  3. Vitamin E (300mg)
  4. HA (100mg)


In each Bbeau capsule (pink & orange bottle) they increases the level of Glutathione in the body that effectively results in skin whitening, anti-aging, and healthy immune system.


MOH (Ministry of Health, Malaysia) approval:

B’beau L-Glutathione (MAL16045008NC) – 30 Capsules

B’beau Vitamin C Plus (MAL16075007NC) – 60 Capsules



L-GLUTATHIONE 1 Tab per day

VITAMIN C PLUS 2 Tabs per day

Preferably before breakfast or before bedtime.

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