Satin Skinz Gluta and Vitamin C Tab


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1 x glutathione plus (mal nc) – 60 tabs

1 x astaxanthin plus (mal nc) – 60 tabs

Satin skinz is the first product in malaysia which isolate the active ingredients to retain the natural goodness without the clash of other substances that may cause changes in the properties of the original. Who should consume satin skinz

*dark skin, dull and scaly

*full face & body acne

*stomach littered with discarded

*interstitial dark and black

*oily and pale face

*hair fall issue

*abdominal pain

*toxic in the body

*sinusitis benefits: -changes in skin tone so 5x whitening -skin more supple, moist and tense -raise the hue of pink on the face -more fresh and radiant face -inhibit the formation of acne -remove scar 5x faster -whiten intimate area and seams -stimulate increased collagen –improve skin texture old & dead -reduce pigmentation and cellulite line -reduce fine wrinkles -improving the immune system -treat sinus disease

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