Jaw White Egg Crystal Skin (Super Whitening Capsules)


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JAW is a whitening supplement formulated from japan which gather all the premium ingredient to your skin. It is the first injection treatment, converted into capsule form. It works on all types of skin without any side effect. The result can be seen as early as third capsule. It eliminates skin problem such as acne, scars, oil skin and uneven skin tone. Advantages of Jaw White Egg

✅ Removing wrinkles and delicate lines

✅ Protects the skin from the sun

✅ Strays skin and youths

✅ Produces collagen recovery

✅ Create your skin shiny

✅ Lighten the dark spots

✅ Toil the aging process

✅ Reduce oily skin

✅ Treat acne problems

✅ Treat scars on the face.

Usage: Jaw 20 capsule for 40 days. 1 Tablet every 2 days.

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