Afre Suede

Nubuck Restorer 200ml

OVERVIEW Afre Suede and Nubuck Restorer is highly intensive and made to restore colour to your navy blue suede and nubuck shoes. Afre Suede and Nubuck Restorer is specifically formulated to soften and help restore faded colour, stained and scuffed shoe to its original look. It is perfect for navy blue shoes that are made from suede nubuck material. It works effectively to remove dust and dirt from the nubuck footwear before hitting the road. Press down the cap to dispense the polish on the shoe, make use of a soft bristle brush to condition the polish on the suede leather for bright shiny look. You will get to put your best foot forward again when you have this shoe polish. KEY BENEFITS 1. It is an excellent shoe polisher that brings vibrancy and reduces stains on navy blue moccasins, loafers and others. 2. Its superior shine and protection is ideal for all weather conditions. 3. The suede and nubuck polish contains premium waxes that protects and nourishes shoes. 4. It produces long lasting shine hereby providing superior staining and scuff coverage.