Alliance Liven Alkaline Coffee Latte


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Alliance Liven Alkaline Coffee Latte - Lowers Cholesterol Level and detoxifies the body

A high quality product and highly respected for its not so common and admirable taste and aroma. Made of the finest species of Coffee Arabica added with Complete Phyto-energizer whose ingredients strongly work together to produce the best result.


Health Benefits of Alliance Liven Alkaline Coffee Latte

  1. Protects against heart diseases and its complications
  2. Lowers blood cholesterol level
  3. Helps in controlling high blood pressure
  4. Helps prevent cancer
  5. Enhances, nourishes and strengthens the immune system
  6. Promotes cell regeneration
  7. Promotes healthy blood circulation
  8. Detoxifies the body
  9. Reduces risk of developing Diabetes
  10. Prevents degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
  11. Anti-inflammatory effect relieving symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism
  12. Relieves headache
  13. Enhances sexual motility
  14. Increase sperm motility
  15. Rejuvenates the skin
  16. Improves performance and endurance during exercise
  17. Reduces fatigue
  18. Enhances concentration
  19. Heightens alertness


Premium Instant Coffee, Non-Dairy Creamer, Sugar, Phyto-Alkaline Powder and Complete Phyto-Energizer


Empty contents into a cup. Add approximately 250 ml of hot or cold water. Stir Well.

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