Johnson's Baby Oil 500ml

OVERVIEW Buy Johnson?s Baby Oil creates a light protective barrier on the delicate skin. It gives the baby soft and glowing skin after bathing and applying. It locks in more than double the moisture than regular body on both dry and normal skin. Your baby will have beautiful and flawless skin as it features intensive moisturizing ingredients. The baby oil comes with rich formula that protects baby's delicate skin from infections and blemishes. Johnson?s Baby Oil brightens up the baby's skin as well as makes it firmer and smooth.Johnson's Baby Oil is mild and clinically proven to keep babies smelling fresh all day. The baby skin care product is specially formulated to nourish the skin, making it glow, smooth and soft. It comes with a mild fragrance that stays for a long time. It is greaseless thus not attracting dust but making them feel comfortable. The baby oil is mild, gentle and effective hereby keeping the skin hydrated for babies to look radiant.