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Black Up Perfect Nude Lip Balm


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The Perfect Nude Lip Balm is the result of an innovative combination of a reparative balm and a creamy, non-sticky lip gloss.

Enriched with jojoba, mimosa and sunflower extracts, its formula guarantees a deep nourishing action up to 40% more of hydration*.

The lips are subtly coated with a seductive nude touch with a gentle caramelised flavour.

Available in 6 shades inspired by the natural lip colours of black and mixed-race beauties, it evens out the lips and give an intense boost to their undertones.
1 - Apply a two-in-one, brown-shaded Lip Pencil on your lip contour.
2 - Apply the Perfect Nude lip Balm shade you have chosen to the centre of your lips.

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