BrowFix Brow Shaping Kit



A mini kit containing everything you could possibly need to create brow perfection.

Developed to be your one stop shop for an array of brow defining essentials, the Brow Fix Shaping Kit is a must-have for any makeup bag. Containing everything from a mirror, three tools and filling powders this mini compact carries it all, perfect for on the go this is definitely a palette you can't live without.

Palette Contains:

  • Hi-Lite - A shimmer finish powder for highlighting the brow bone
  • Two Brow Powders Í Finely milled powders created to fill the sparser areas of the brow
  • 3x Magnifying Mirror - Allows for ultra-precise shaping and colour application
  • Three Shaping and Filling tools - Including mini tweezers, sponge shadow applicator and an angled brush