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You have tried a number of toothpastes for your baby but none of them has worked out properly. The product either contains preservatives or your child dislikes the flavour intensely. But with the Chicco 50ml Toothpaste, you will no longer have to worry about these factors. It is a wonderful product from the house of Chicco that comes with Xylitol and the flavour too, is so carefully chosen that even the small weaning babies can apply it at ease. The gentle product comes with an assurance to protect the milk teeth of your little one, and that peppy apple banana flavour is bound to be loved by your angel.

A distinguished manufacturer of baby products, Chicco has been consistently bringing smiles to parents of newborns for years with their quality and classy creations. From feeding, weaning and clothing to toys and gifts, this brand offers you a fulfilling range of all. So, if you really wish to see that million dollar smile on the face of your tiny tot, you may easily opt for uniquely designed products from the house of Chicco.

From preventing the baby’s teeth to strengthening the teeth and gums, the apple banana flavoured Chicco Toothpaste does it all. Moreover, this specially created toothpaste also toughens the dental structure and the child soon develops a healthy habit of maintaining a proper dental hygiene. In fact, these are some of the exclusive features that differentiate Chicco products from the rest.

The entire range of oral care products from the Chicco has been made in such a way that it can serve diverse needs of your baby during his/ her growth. So, you can confidently opt for it just after your child turns 4 months old and can continue till he/she completes a year.

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