Close Up

Close Up Herbal Toothpaste


Unlike the typical opaque, mint-flavored toothpaste,a unique brand identity was developed, with Closeup positioned as the toothpaste that gives confidence in those very "up close and personal" situations.The idea of a toothpaste that could give fresh breath, white teeth and, subsequently, a little extra self-confidence and sex appeal provided instant appeal .In 2006, Closeup Limited Edition launch and redefined the toothpaste market with its unique new flavors: Choco-loko, Tangerine Burst, and Lychee. It brought excitement and life into the rather boring toothpaste category .One thing remains constant: Close-up is still symbolized by attractive white smiles in very close situations. First toothpaste in US to combine mouthwash and toothpaste in one formula
First gel toothpaste in the world
The Fouride in Closeup called monofluorophospate
Makes the entire tooth structure more resistant to delay. It also strengthens teeth, which aids in repairing early delay before the damage can even be seen.
Closeup is the number 2 brand in the GCC