Designer Whey

Designer Whey Protein Powder Chocolate - 12.7 oz

Protein Designed For Life™
Make Designer Whey Your Favorite Protein
Innovators of premium whey protein since 1993, the 100% whey protein products contain 19 g of complete protein exclusively derived from whey. Whey protein contains the highest percentages of naturally occurring branched chain amino acids. These amino acids are the most critical building blocks for muscle health and recovery when used as part of your fitness routine. Good muscle definition helps to keep your body toned and firm.

Designer Whey makes counting  your calories so easy while boosting energy, recovering and fat burning from the inside out. No Wonder It's America's #1 Protein\ Since 1993®.

Better Stamina
Use 1 scoop, sip during exercise intervals

Better Power
Use 1 scoop within 15-20 minutes before exercise

Better Recovery
Use 1 scoop within 35-45 minutes before meals

Better Fat Burning With Exercise
Containing 4.5g of fat cell metabolizing amino acids - Leucine, Iso-Leucine and Valine - per scoop - Designer Whey delivers research proven protein that works.

5X Gold Medal Taste Winner!


Quick: Add 1 scoop to 3 oz of water. Blend. Add 1-2 ice cubes. Blend.
Quicker: Fill shaker bottle with 3 oz water. Add 1 scoop. Shake. Enjoy.
Quickest: Add 1 scoop to 3 oz of water and mix with a spoon. Enjoy.

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