Diva White

Diva White Diva White Gold

₦4,000.00 NGN

Product Details

Product Size: 500ml

Age Range: Adult

Texture: Lotion

Skin Types: Suitable for fair skin

Brand: Diva White

What it does?

Diva White Diva Gold Lotion is a super lightening gold lotion extracted from vegetable and carrot rich in vitamin A, It is specially develop for fair skin. this lotion is really 100 percent natural lightening and toning efficient complex to restore and restructure epidermis, it softens, moisturizes and restores the skin because of its natural active components. 

Key Benefits of Diva White Diva White Gold Lotion

  • it help to combat all hyper pigmentation marks caused by sun exposure, insect bite, pregnancy and drugs
  • Helps to remove pimples from your skin
  • An affordable skin lightening lotion
  • Gives your skin a Flawless tone
  • Your skin becomes radiant with constant usage
  • A great toning lotion

Side Effects

As at the time of publishing this content there are no noted side effects of this product but if you notice any side effect using the product, please discontinue and contact our Customer service agent.

How to Use Diva White Diva Gold Lotion

After taking your bath, apply lotion gently all over your body. Do it consistently for an improved result.

How to know fake products

Check our reviews and our product image to confirm the product. (We sell original products)



Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Does Diva White Lotion gives stretch mark?

Answer: The product is safe for all skin types and there have no been any evidence of the product given stretch marks

Question 2: Is Diva White lotion suitable for both male and female?

Answer: Yes, both male and female can use the lotion

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