ELAIMEI Herbal Weight Loss Sleep Magnet Belly Slimming Patch


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This weight loss patch can effectively promote the depolymerization of blood cells and platelets through improving the order of
extracellular ions and nonionic substance. When acting on the skin, it will help release the nutrition and negative oxygen ion
accumulated in the body.


semen cassiae torae, Poria cocos, Maythom, Immature Bitter Orange, Scutellaria baicalensis, Alisma orientalis, Angelica sinensis,
Active substance of plant extract.

1. liposuction weight loss, promote new metabolism, enhance immune function.
2. actively blocks the intake of further fats and increases blood circulation and remove toxins that have built up in the body.
3. Significantly and effectively slims up the whole body.

How to use:

1.Tear the bags, pick up the sliming patch.
2. Paste the sliming patch on the navel, and then fixed with adhesive.
3. One piece every day, a sustainable external application for 12-24 hours and generally a course of one month. For even better
results, try a two-month course out the patch.
3.Apply it on the pimple area, gently press for 3-5 seconds for better adhesion. (Do not repeat to tear the patch.)
4.Remove and replace after it turns opaque. Wear overnight or at least 5 hours.

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