Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser with Dermaclear Formula


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Eskinol provides products which are specifically formulated for your skin. Its range of products is known to effectively solve oily skin problems! Use Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser and avoid skin problems from coming back.
Washing your face with soap is not enough. After washing your face twice, apply Deep Cleanser with cotton and you will see that there is still dirt left.
Removes deep seated dirt, excess oil and make-up with Micro-cleanse Anti-bacterial Formula. Dermaclear Formula containing Salicylic Acid for acne-prone skin. With Vitamin B3 to lighten pimple marks and help soothe redness*.
*Associated with pimples
-Cleanser for acne-prone skin
-Lightens pimple marks
-Dermatologist tested

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