Extra Strength Yellow Peeling Oil


Peel of skin discolorations and spots with the Extra Strength Yellow Peeling Oil. Whether you have skin problems such as dark knuckles, hands or feet, Extra Strength Yellow Peeling Oil contains Glycolic Acid, and Lactic Acid that works by intensively exfoliating dead skin cells while accelerating the formation of new cells. What this means is that it simply peels off the skin!

Peeling usually start from the 4th or 5th day of usage. During this period you might feel quite uncomfortable as the skin becomes itchy and tingling. Do not be alarmed, this only means the product is working it way to the skin layers and preparing to get rid of dead skin. For relief, use petroleum jelly or hydrocortisone cream on irritated areas.


You must set aside at least 3-7 days of feeling "UNCOMFORTABLE" especially. if you're doing whole body peeling or sensitive body parts. Please note that skin would be tight, itchy, sore and dry during treatment. If this seem unacceptable to you then do not continue with this regimen.


Before applying, clean the skin and apply toner on the desired area. Now apply the oil on cleaned skin with cotton wool or your hand (make sure to wash your hand after) 3 times/day. during this process do not not wash the area with soap, nor scrub, nor use sponge, nor rub with towel. Tap dry only. Do not use any whitening soap, cream or alcohol based product until the skin has peeled and healed or your skin will become sore. do not use any moisturizer either. Instead use petroleum jelly on the areas, this will help protect and give relief until your skin heals.

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