Final White

Final White Final White Gold Lotion Plus Glutathione

₦13,000.00 NGN

Product Details

Product Size: 500ml

Age Range: Adult

Texture: Lotion

Skin Types: Suitable for all skin type

Brand: Final White

What it does?

Final White Gold Lotion Plus Glutathione is a unique combination of the of the best lightening plant extracts to minimize the production of melamine. 

Final White Gold forms a protective barrier which helps retain moisture and promotes healing, while adding intense nourishing to skin's surface. Apply liberally on the skin as needed.

Benefits of Final White Gold Lotion

  • It is a whitening body lotion
  • The lotion helps treat body scars and clear them off
  • It makes your skin appear radiant and youthful
  • The lotion helps keep the skin moisturized always
  • Fades away dark spots from the skin

Side Effects

As at the time of publishing this content there are no noted side effects of this product but if you notice any side effect using the product, please discontinue and contact our Customer service agent.

How to Use Final White Lotion

After taking your bath, apply lotion gently all over your body. Do it consistently for an improved result.

How to know fake products

Check our reviews and our product image to confirm the product. (We sell original products)



Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is Final White Lotion a bleaching cream?

Answer: No, The final white lotion is a lightening and moisturizing lotion

Question 2: Can i use final white lotion on my face?

Answer: Its a good moisturizing lotion that can be used both on the body and face.

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