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Forever PRO X² High-protein Bar


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Forever PRO X² High-protein is sugar and gluten free designed to manage your weight.
The Bar comes in two mouthwatering flavors – Chocolate and Cinnamon. Both bars include Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron to keep your body fueled. A special fiber also doubles as a prebiotic to help your digestive system.

Key Benefits:

  • This tasty snack is the perfect way to build muscle.
  • It helps you on your journey to looking and feeling better.
  • It helps in ease of food digestion.
  • Serves as a healthy snack.

Prescribed Usage:

Forever PRO X2® Cinnamon and Chocolate are great choices as a morning snack or part of a breakfast meal for a boost of protein to start the day and can also be used as a delicious, healthy snack to provide extra protein anytime of the day.