Frozen Detox Slimming & Whitening Capsule

Stroke due to excess weight; Various diseases
    Keep yourself at the right time by keeping your weight and feet fit.
    Directly imported 100% of original products from Thailand.
    It has no side effects as it is made of natural ingredients. Frozen Detox Fast Slim Capsules contains 100% natural ingredients without any Side Effect:
    1) Fat Burn.
    2) To digest food fast
    3) Diet, reduce weight without Exercises
    4) Reducing the whole body fat is interesting
    5) Build beautiful figures
    6) May reduce weight by 8-10 kg in 30 days
    7) Control the formation of new fat
    8) Reduce the blood lipid
    9) Blood circulation will stimulate
    10) The balance of the direct components will nourish
    11) Reduce the fat of the whole body.Rules of eating: After 1 capsule breakfast. After 1 capsule dinner.