Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream, 250ml


Unwind your senses with Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream every time you use it during your daily wash. As the name suggests, this invigorating shower cream can leave you happy and rejuvenated after your everyday shower. The citrusy fruity fragrance can leave you feeling fresh as you indulge in your luxurious me-time with this shower cream. Regular use of this shower cream can ensure you soft and smooth skin texture and you can have a glowing healthy skin to flaunt.

The product comes with the goodness of Hydra IQ technology and Bamboo milk extracts which can help to nourish and moisturise your skin and protect your skin’s softness. The natural orange blossom aroma can be stimulating for your senses, so that you can experience renewed vigour after every wash. Coming with the benefits of PH skin balance, this product can offer you all the benefits of Nivea Cream and can help you maintain your skin’s glow. Being dermatologically tested and approved, this shower cream is suitable for all skin types. The extracts of Bamboo milk and the Hydra IQ Moisture Technology adds to the positives for this skin care product, which makes it a great buy. The product can leave you with a supple skin, even after you towel dry. The shower cream is thick and lathers much which you use with a loofah, and leaves you with a silky feel after every shower. Buy Nivea Shower Cream to treat your skin to its daily dose of moisture and feel refreshed as you start your day.