Norland Sunlit Liquid Detergent: Stain Remover


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Norland Sunlit Washing Liquid 

Norland Sunlit Washing liquid detergent is phosphorus-free, making it environmentally friendly. Unlike many detergents, its anionic and non-ionic surfactants are biodegradable, thus reducing environmental and water pollution. This non-abrasive formula contains mild aloe vera to soften and condition your hands and clothes. The Norland Liquid wash is a versatile cleaning product that is ideal for laundry (all types of clothes), it is also a household cleaner for floors, bathrooms, tile and carpet cleaning, and for hand-washing dishes. 


Key Benefits:

  • Removes tough stains.
  • Friendly on all clothes
  • Does not bleach clothes
  • Alkaline balance.
  • It can be used in a washing machine.
  • Its a high standard quality washing liquid

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