Nutritious Drink Suitable for Diabetes


DiabetaMil is specifically formulated as a complete and balanced-nutritional drink for diabetics. Besides its great taste, it is enriched with Chromium Picolinate and Fiber. Being absorbed slowly in the body and having a controlled calorie formula, it is a perfect meal replacement suitable for diabetes.

It features low Gi diet that helps lose weight, control blood sugar and reduces risk of high blood pressure. The nutritious drink gives the necessary complete vitamins and minerals, controls calories and flavored with no added sugar. Whether you are looking to have healthy body or need to reduce excess fat, the drink provides the nutritional values the body deserves. Diabetamil Nutritious Drink has a sweet creamy texture that is ideal for every diabetic individual to enjoy. Not only that, you can also enjoy Diabetamil Snacks (Cookies) for in between meal snacks.