Lulu Castagnette

Piege De Lulu Castagnette EDP 90ml Perfume For Women


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Composition of fragrance Lulu Castagnette Piège à Garçons offers "a recipe to attract young men which will mesmerize him and succumb to your magic charms" according to the brand. The new fragrance arrives in colorful flacon and its announcement plays on the magic recipe which features: imagination juice, a bit of crazy notes, a pinch of arrogance with additional flirt.

The fun concept is actually a mixture of fruity. Chypre notes by which any girl will successfully enchant a man and lure him in a successfully composed fragrant trap! Top notes of the composition abound in bergamot, mandarin and orange zest, while announcing almonds and lotus blossom in the heart combined with characteristic accords of cherry known as "Love in Cage" (Ground cherry accords). The base incorporates patchouli, vanilla and oak moss provide a serious, warmer and deeper charm to fruit. The fragrance is signed by Delphine Jerk of DROM

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