Prime CL Collagen Tri-Peptide 12+ L-Glutathione Reduce Acne Freckles Aura Skin


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Prime CL Collagen 12+ packed with 12 ingredients as follows

  1. Collagen Tripeptide Collagen from Japan Extracted from freshwater fish that is well absorbed into the body Helps to keep skin smooth, elastic
  2. L-Glutathione Glutathione from Japan Helps reduce skin pigments Helps to whiten the skin
  3. Wild roses There are 20 times more vitamin C than oranges and also help repair damaged skin from the sun.
  4. Citrus Bioflavonoid concentrated 20 times, strengthen the function of vitamin C. Help keep skin clear
  5. Concentrated pine bark extract 10 times, helping to fight free radicals, reduce freckles, dark spots and prevent varicose veins.
  6. Pomegranate extract, concentrated 10 times, inhibits pigment formation. Reduce dark circles, freckles, dark spots
  7. Zinc from America helps reduce acne
  8. Vitamin C, bright skin, anti-free, anti-aging skin
  9. Alpha Lipoic Acid increases the performance of glutathione and vitamin C.
  10. Glycin slows down and makes the skin flexible.
  11. L-Glutamine Helps synthesize protein Which is the key to burn fat cells immediately
  12. L-Cysteine Substrate in the substance L-Glutathione allows the body to work with Glycine.

Prime CL Collagen Properties

  • Reduce acne, reduce acne inflammation
  • Accelerate the formation of glutathione in the body itself.
  • Protect the skin from the sun and reduce the inflammation of the skin.
  • Helps the skin look more radiant Reduce dark circles
  • The skin is smooth, elastic and looks younger.
  • Firm and healthy skin

How to eat:

  • Normal formula, wake up 1 tablet before bedtime 1 tablet
  • Urgent formula, wake up 2 tablets before bedtime, 2 tablets

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