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PRO. Prep HD High Defintion Smoothing Face Primer


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L.A. Girl PRO.prep HD High Definition Smoothing Face Primer creates a masterfully smoothed effect for the complexion, working as a perfect base for the application of makeup.

Infused with skin-loving Vitamin E, PRO.prep HD High Definition Smoothing Face Primer nourishes and conditions the skin whilst simultaneously preparing the complexion for the creation of the perfect makeup look. Boasting a completely Paraben and Fragrance-free formula, this enchanting elixir utilises light-diffusing particles to create a blurred effect for the skin, thus eradicating the appearance of blemishes, fine lines and uneven skin tones.

With the ability to seal and protect the pores, PRO.prep HD High Definition Smoothing Face Primer masterfully softens the complexion at a cellular level, whilst enhancing the makeup effect created afterwards. Remaining lightweight and breathable throughout the day, this elegant primer is the ultimate pre-makeup step in any beauty regime, making this product an absolute must-have for all cosmetic junkies.


Apply on clean or moisturized skin prior to makeup application.