Profectiv Growth Renew Root Rebound Deep Conditioner - 15 oz


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Root Rebound Deep Conditioner Penetrates and stimulates roots while thickening, moisturizing and strengthening hair to enhance natural hair growth. RECOMMENDED FOR ALL HAIRSTYLES Helps prevent and correct hair loss even while wearing hair weaves, extensions, braids and wigs. BEST USAGE RECOMMENDATIONS Apply to wet hair after shampooing. With fingers, massage into hair roots and work outwards hair tips. Allow Deep Conditioner to sit on hair for 3-5 minutes, then rinse completely. Repeat if desired. Wait 48 hours before or after a relaxer or hair color treatment before applying this product. SIZE : 15 fl.oz VITAMIN-BASED HAIR RESTORATION Targents main causes of thinning & hair loss : shrinking weak root / poor circulation / sluggish growth / hair shaft thinning. Conatins the Maximum Recommended Level of Vitamin-based Stimulants that helps protect against pore clogging build-up, long-term hair stressed, chemical and heat damage. Use the Complete System to Maximize Results. Fresh Start Shampoo Root Rebound Conditioner Hair Restoration Treatment Root Recovery Stimulant Length Recovery Hair Lotion

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