Soft & Beautiful

Soft & Beautiful No-Lye Sensitive Scalp Relaxer


The Natural Choice for Healthy-Looking Hair and Scalp. Products will keep your relaxed hair looking healthy. Formulated to protect hair during relaxing process minimizes damage & breakage leaves hair soft, silky & healthy-looking kit contains No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer Liquid Activator, Regular Colour, Leave-In Conditioner,gives you peace of mind. The perfect system provides you with assurance that the relaxer system is properly mixed. Formulated with aloe, sunflower and sage to minimize irritation, Soft & Beautiful® Botanicals™ conditions your hair and scalp throughout the relaxing process.

1. Herbal conditioners protect, condition and nourish hair
2.Formulated with natural plant extracts
3. Adds more body and volume
4. Contains aloe vera